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Unattended Death Cleanup

Unattended Death Cleanup

It isn't at all pleasant to think about, but people die alone all the time, and sometimes, they remain undiscovered for days, weeks, or longer. Often, such people lived apart from family and friends or were suffering from hoarding or antisocial disorders.

In cases of an unattended death, a professional unattended death clean up will need to be undertaken after the removal of the dead body.

Any biohazard cleanup should only ever be undertaken by a licensed and insured professional biohazard cleanup service. This is especially so when dealing with the aftermath of an undiscovered death. Amateur attempts to properly and completely clean and disinfect such conditions are likely to fail. Failure to completely remove all traces of biological fluids can result in an unhealthy environment.


Discovering the unattended death of a friend or family member is a stressful, potentially traumatic experience. Professional undiscovered death clean up companies understand this and always treat the deceased's property and home with dignity and respect.

First, they'll explain the remediation process, addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Then, once they've evaluated the scope of the job, you'll be issued a written estimate of the costs involved. You'll also be appraised of payment and financing options at this time. If necessary, the remediation team can work with your insurance company.


Once the deceased has been removed from the affected area, it's essential to remove and remediate all traces of biological fluids. As deterioration occurs, bacteria and escaping gasses produce a horrible odor. This process can begin a day or so after death, though the process may be considerably quickened by excessive heat.

If all the biological materials aren't thoroughly cleaned and disinfectd, the structure could become potentially unhealthy and therefore uninhabitable.

Depending on how long the deceased has remained undiscovered, the odor of death may permeate porous materials such as carpets, drywall, books, linens, furniture, and clothes. In such cases, affected materials will need to be discarded. Affected drywall and carpets must likewise be removed.


While inspecting the area where the unattended death was discovered, and during the entire remediation process, biohazard cleanup specialists will be fully suited in HAZMAT protective gear. For your protection, they will also insist that you do as well, should you enter the structure.

Using specialized cleansers and technology, the remediation team will then begin cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing all surfaces in the affected area. Once every trace of biological fluids has been removed, the air in the structure will be tested using Adenosine Triphosphate. This ATP Flourescent Testing is the same used in hospitals and the healthcare industry to ensure the highest levels of sanitation.


Upon completion of the bioremediation process, you'll be issued a certificate of completion. This document attests to the fact that the structure in question has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfectd in accordance with all applicable health and safety standards. When the time comes to sell the affected home, building, or domicile, such a document can come in handy as a negotiating tool.

If you've had the unfortunate experience of discovering a friend or loved one who has died unattended, or if an undiscovered death has occurred at a property you own, don't make the mistake of thinking you can clean the area yourself. Biohazard cleanup is always best left to the professionals.

Licensed biohazard remediation companies offering unattended death cleanup services have the experience, tools, and proper personal protective equipment necessary to handle such potentially dangerous jobs thoroughly and safely.